We are conditioned by the past and controlled by our memories.

We must accept that we are responsible for creating our universe by the thoughts we entertain.

When we accept that our thoughts are under our control, we can create a new reality.

Because, everything exists first as a thought in our minds. We must correct the thoughts that created our current reality.

If you don't believe in the power of your thoughts, trying to change your life will be close to impossible.


First Organic Brainwave synchronizer.


ABOUT neuroVector


neuroVector is a private research facility located in Sydney Australia. We are located in an area adjacent to the University of Western Sydney and within minutes of the top three other Australian Universities involved in Neurotechnology Research. We are always in contact with Universities and research bodies in the USA and around the world to stay current with the latest discoveries and technology.

We have decided to establish a research laboratory outside of a University because we believe that turning this technology into a commercial venture is the most effective way to benefit a large number of people around the world.

The revenue from sales allow us to decide on the size and scope of our ongoing research without having to seek funds and approval from uninformed parties.

The connection to the benefits received by our clients from our scientific discoveries and technological developments are a source of satisfaction and fulfilment for all those associated with our company.

We thank you for giving us approval and support by ordering the Bainwave Synchronizer from neuroVector!

We wish you endless waves of happiness and prosperity.


Albert Moroney

Founder and CEO of neuroVector Neuroscience Laboratories




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First Organic Brainwave synchronizer.


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Because our methods are non-invasive, the listener is always exercising individual free will.