neuroVector™ is safe and specifically engineered to improve the functions of the brain. It helps to relax and reduces stress. neuroVector™ also helps focus attention and improve concentration. neuroVector™ is designed to increase the mind's natural calming and balancing tendencies, which helps to focus attention and relieve over-and-under activity, and the appropriate attenuation of specific stimulation.

There's often nothing more frustrating than feeling out of control, over-stimulated, under-stimulated, or experience uncontrolled stimulation patterns leading to behavioral patterns which are difficult to explain and which often result in guilt and depression.

Negative emotional states make it difficult to maintain concentration, impairing learning and memory. This inability to process incoming information from both the inner (subjective) and outer (objective) worlds, can manifest itself ininattentiveness, undue passivity or aggressive tendencies. There are roughly one trillion (1,000,000,000,000) brain cells to be nurtured and fortunately, with stimulation, new neurons can be created at a rate of 3-5 mm per day.

neuroVector™ is a radically new technology based on binaural beats that has been proven to provide the most effective stimulation for neural growth by dramatically improving the functioning of neural networks. Traditional brain synchronization systems use a single fixed computer-generated frequency for each ear. This constant frequency of a specific range can be compared to a tune. However, brain activity is a symphony of frequencies; all frequencies are present in order of magnitude.

Every process in the brain has its own specific frequency. During higher mental activity the gamma frequency (range approximately 26—100 Hz) becomes dominant over the alpha, beta, delta and theta frequencies but does not inhibit them.

ORGANIC: neuroVector™ Technology has developed a system whereby a stereo audio file is generated from a digital magnetoencephalography (MEG), which measures brain activity in real time.

COMPLEX (alpha, beta, delta and theta): When this recording is heard through stereo headphones it causes the listener's brain to reconstruct a complex "phantom" audio signal identical to the recording from a volunteer.

QUALITY: Volunteers are chosen for their superior mental abilities and prepare to enter a specific mental state prior to the recording. As many as forty (40) recording are taken from each volunteer and compared to create an MEG of great quality.

neuroVector™ Technology is the leader in the field of bio-informational and cognitive technologies for enhancing human performance.

How the neuroVector™ Technology Works

The electrical activity of the brain is recorded from electrodes placed on the scalp (this is called Electroencephalography). The activity recorded from a large number of neurons in the brain are known as brainwaves or electroencephalogram (EEG). We are now using a new kind of brain scan called magnetoencephalography (MEG), which measures brain activity in real time.

We use MEGs to record the function of the brain of volunteers with a highly developed mental functioning, people who have trained their consciousness to a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility through the paths of action and knowledge.

The electrodes are connected to a series of amplifiers. These tools for recording the brain activity have a high resolution, down to sub-millisecond. As the brain works, thru its electric activity, MEG measures are taken directly and accurately. Subsequently, the signal is filtered to eliminate artifacts and transmitted to specialized computer systems that convert it into a stereo sound file.

When this file is heard with stereo headphones, the brain of the listener tries to compensate the discrepancy between the two signals creating a third signal that affects the brainstem's superior olivary nucleus causing it to release neurotransmitters thru the reticular formation, these neurotransmitters initiate changes in neurological activity in the thalamus and cortex.

After three months of practicing with neuroVector™ audio technology, the brain activity of test subjects were 98% identical to that of a volunteer with highly developed mental functioning. It's amazing how a sound file can do something so profound. These results from the use of the neuroVector™ audio technology have been extensively documented.