In The Information Age, We Can Suffer From Information Overload.






neuroVector™ study results:

Over a 10 day period, subjects in a double-blind study tests revealed a clear increase in mental abilities, faster reflex response to physical stimuli and a happy disposition.



Get real,


what sort of people do things that don't work, do them over and over again, still hoping for different results?


The rule is:


Follow the same course - get to the same place. Every time.


Only losers do the same things over and over and expects different results.


You are not a loser!



First Organic Brainwave synchronizer.




Few people are aware that the exposure to redundant information charge the brain with too many tasks, we are encouraged to consume more than we need, most of what we learn serves no useful purpose in our lives.


"I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world." Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)


On the brink of death, after years in the wilderness, the Buddha gave up on his quest for enlightenment. Then, While walking along the river, he saw a fisherman, the Buddha was mindful in observing the fisherman's technique and realised the "way". Pull on the fishing tackle too hard and it will break, too little and the fish will get away.

Balance in all things is the formula for a happy and fulfilled life. The problem is that we determine what the balance in our lives should be based on our observation of others who are pulling too hard, all of them anxious and afraid that the fish will get away.

There are many ways to accomplish a dream. The best way for us is seldom obvious to others and it only becomes clear to us when we free ourselves from distracting thoughts. It was only when the Buddha made light of his burden that he became enlightened.


Archimedes, the mathematician and philosopher most famous today for running down the street naked yelling “Eureka!” (“I’ve found it!”). Discovered the secrets of density while taking a bath.


Sir Isaac Newton discovered the universal law of gravitation while relaxing under an apple tree.

There are many people who have reached the highest echelons of their profession without even completing elementary school, let alone high school.

The "Man of the Century" (20th century) Albert Einstein dropped out of high school, he studied on his own to pass the entrance exam to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, he took the entrance exam twice before he was accepted. Three years later, he left the academic world to take a job as a clerk while his peers were completing their master's degree and Ph.D..


"I receive tons of emails trying to sell information on how to become a millionaire, it's very amusing." (Bill Gates, co-founded of the Microsoft Corporation)


Ultimately, what distinguishes the aforementioned individuals from the rest is a passion that transcends limits, they are insightful and open to possibilities, they are curious about the world around them, have a fearless spirit of exploration and a desire to experiment.

These individuals discovered their true passions and strengths, which they built upon to achieve enormous success in life.

Knowledge is finite, knowledge is dynamic. Filling our minds with information that changes faster than we can put it to use and is mostly irrelevant to our personal objectives and desires, limits our effectiveness to deal with life rather than increasing it.

Being able to think clearly is the secret to attaining your life's ambitions.



Enjoy a healthy body and a healthy mind by experiencing the neuroVector™ organic synchronizer, a radically new system to unfold your life’s true potential. A new world of spiritual power, prosperity, and deep serenity that you’ll always have with you.




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