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For the best results, full specifications and detailed instructions are included with your order.

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UltraSync-Perfect Meditation

Duration: 0:50:08 min.

Connect both hemispheres of your brain and increase your intelligence while meditating deeper than a zen monk. While in a deeply relaxed state, you will experience pain-relief, increased creativity, reduced blood pressure, and less cravings for addictions.

    » 2.

Ultimate stimulation

Duration: 0:45:16 min.

Taking you to the very edge of the conscious mind! Cuts down on mental fatigue, increases sex drive, bursts of inspiration, high levels of awareness. Immunity increases, mood goes up, learning accelerates and life just gets better.



All tracks have been specially encoded in MP3 audio format. A comprehensive guide (7 pages) in PDF format is included with your purchase.


You can download your order immediately after you make your payment, so you can start receiving all these amazing benefits. The combined size of these files is 86.3 Mb. The files are compressed into a .Zip file. A software program to uncompress these files should be installed on your computer. If it isn't, you can download a free application from 7-Zip. You also will need the free Adobe Reader for reading the PDF guide.


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